Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a difference between a Home Finder and an Estate Agent?
A. Yes, an Estate Agent is contracted to achieve the highest possible price for the landlord. We work solely for the prospective tenant and our aim is to search for a property and negotiate the best possible price for our clients.
Q. Are Home Finders in competition with Estate Agents?
A. No! Absolutely not. Estate Agents are very keen to work with for us as they know our clients are committed to finding a house to rent and are not time wasters.

Estate Agents are also aware that we tend to bring them high value clients who will look after the property well

They also know we will work hard to ensure the rental will go through to completion as smoothly as possible so they are always keen to inform us about properties before they even hit the open market.

Q. What about Estate Agents who have in house rental departments?
A: As we are completely independent, we are in contact with many agents as well as our private contacts within the areas we search. This means there is no conflict of interest as we don’t actually sell or rent properties directly.
Q. What types of clients use your services?
A. We provide a range of bespooke service to many different types of clients with a range of budgets and criteria. Our aim is to save you the time and stress involved in your search for the perfect house to rent.

Take a look at our “testimonials” for some examples of the clients we have assisted.

Q. Why are you successful at finding properties?
A. As we are in contact with local Estate Agents on a daily basis and bring them genuine tenants; we are often informed about properties before they even reach the open market giving our clients the first opportunity to view.

We also leave “no stone un-turned” to make sure our clients do not miss out on viewing any suitable properties.

Q. Do you also search for properties for sale?
A. Definitely! Some of our original clients who have used our services for renting have also called on us to help in their search for a property to buy.

We also source properties for clients wishing to buy, especially our clients who are relocating from abroad to live permanently in Nigeria.

Q. What areas does the 'home finding' and 'relocation service' cover?
A. We cover Lagos as well as many areas within Ibadan and Abuja.

Click Here to see some of the other areas we cover in Nigeria

Q. How much will I have to pay for your services?
A. Our fees are priced on an individual basis dependent on the type of service you require. You will find our fees for private property search service in Nigeria are quite competitive and our fees offer excellent value for money.

Each of our client’s needs are carefully listened to and fully understood when agreeing the fees, so as to ensure our fees are cost effective and represent value for money for our clients

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your needs as we do cater for a range of needs …so whatever the size of your business or project, we can help you find a solution to suit your needs and budget.

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