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Relocation Services

Moving your family, staff member or relocating a company and it’s staff can be a daunting experience for anyone involved especially for the individuals who have to physically move and can result in a lot of stress, unhappiness and loss of good staff if not handled well.

TenantHomeFinders (THF) is one of the leading relocation companies in Nigeria.

We work closely with individuals, corporate executives and companies of different sizes that are struggling to find the time or that do not have the time and energy to devote to finding a suitable property for themselves or their staff….

but that want to find and secure the right sort of top quality property that meets their personal needs in a safe and secure environment… at the best possible price and terms

We find that a lot of our clients have been able to successfully achieve their goals by making full use of our extensive range of bespoke relocation services that we offer.

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How Can TenantHomeFinder Relocation Services Help?


Private Individuals:

For private individuals that are looking to relocate to Nigeria or a new area in Nigeria, that want to find and rent or acquire a property; TenantHomeFinders is able to assist private individuals with our range of  Private Property Search Service that we operate across the whole of Nigeria and


Companies & Corporations

TenantHomeFinders operates a range of bespoke relocations services for company’s relocating their staff members from abroad into the country or moving their staff from one place to another in the country

If you are looking for an experienced and dynamic relocation company that you can partner with to facilitate the relocation of your staff from abroad into the country or from one part of the country to another and/or to meet your own goals and/or company objectives, then you are in the right place

TenantHomeFinders have an unrivalled passion to make the relocation process an efficient and enjoyable one

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Why Use The THF Relocation Service

TenantHomeFinders can

  • Help your company achieve a smoother transition and speedier move whilst maintaining productivity and enabling your HR department to concentrate on other aspects of the relocation
  • Help you extend consistent information to all your staff throughout every stage of the relocation process, motivating them and their families to move and settle successfully in the new area.
  • Help further promote the relocation location and help to overcome any preconceptions your staff might already have
  • Make it easier for your company to have Happily-settled individuals and families, which will help increase the likelihood of staff retention
  • Help the promotion of your company’s brand – tangibly endorsing your commitment to your employees and new recruits wellfare.

Whatever the size of your business or project, we can help you and your company find a solution to suit your needs and budget.

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THF Bespoke Relocation Service

We understand the importance of helping the relocation process go as smoothly as possible and therefore offer you and your employees a dedicated single point of contact throughout, providing a consistent and reliable service.

We offer a range of comprehensive and flexible services to individuals wishing to relocate and corporate clients wishing to re-locate employees or an employee to Nigeria or within.

We help ensure that the process of relocation is as stress-free as possible for your staff or new recruits

We have assisted many satisfied corporate clients and ensure their employees are well looked after through the stressful process of relocating to a new area or country.

Below are some of the bespoke services that we offer to corporate clients wishing to re-locate an employee to Nigeria or within.

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What Other Users Are Saying

“Finding a good reliable relocation company such as TenantHomeFinders is very rare.

    Our company relocates team members from all over the globe, we’ve used other relocation companies in the past but the service we experienced was poor, never as smooth and instead increased our workloads.

    With TenantHomeFinders we have always received excellent service. Timing & quality have always met our expectations, everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Using TenantHomeFinders takes the difficulties out of finding the right place to stay.

    Their service has been above and beyond what we could have expected and we can fully recommend TenantHomeFinders’s services to other clients who care about a personal approach, full satisfaction, reliability and difficulty free service”

    “Iyanda from TenantHomeFinders was instrumental in helping us find a house during our relocation from Canada to the Lagos between March and July 2014. We in the end found our absolute dream home and this truly helped us settle in very quickly in Nigeria. We basically felt at home within weeks which had not been the case with other relocations before. Why did that happen? Because Iyanda never stood still until we found that dream home.

    Once we had identified the house, Iyanda helped creatively in the negotiations and made sure that everything went smoothly until we moved in i.e. making sure that certain things were done in the house prior to the move date.

    Overall the relocation experience we had with TenantHomeFinders was truly outstanding and we had not received such an all inclusive service during other relocations on either side of the Atlantic  before”.


    “Coming into the Nigeria for the first time, we are so grateful that Iyanda was there to help us. He was very understanding and empathetic of our situation and dealt with us as real human beings.

Many people who work in the relocation business treat this simply as a job, and therefore are not able to put themselves in their clients’ shoes.  But Iyanda is different.  He was very caring and responsive to our needs; meticulous in planning our search and going through our itinerary.

On the other hand, Iyanda was firm and assertive and a tough negotiator when it came down to locking the deal/s.  When we ran into difficulties, he would frequently call and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we sorted out any problems. We are forever grateful, we are so happy with the house and school he found for us. My husband and I would recommend Iyanda any time!”.